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We provide process safety and risk management support to drilling and production facilities and have extensive design, construction, commissioning and operations experience in this area.

We provide technical process safety support to all types of production and drilling vessels offshore and have supported onshore drilling and production facilities for both oil and gas projects in extreme environmental conditions. We support our clients at every phase in a project lifecycle from concept and FEED right through to decommissioning.


The proper management of process safety barriers and safeguards and the avoidance of major accident events is vital to safe and profitable operations of all petrochemical and refining facilities. Our services support refinery operators in the identification and management of hazards and the safe and compliant siting of process and support service facilities.

Our technical process safety experience supports the design development, commissioning and continued safe operation of risk reduction and mitigation measures and through our experience in developing and implementing complete Process Safety Management (PSM) system programs we support our clients in the development of strategies and programs to address barrier weaknesses and achieve strong operational process safety performance.


We provide process safety and risk management services for oil and gas pipeline transfer, truck unloading, rail car storage and loading facilities, rail car transportation of heavy oil, ship loading and unloading berths.

From the early design phase through to operations and facility/production expansion, we offer the complete spectrum of Technical Process Safety services. We provide qualitative and quantitative assessments in support of facility siting studies and facility expansion for support with operational occupational exposure and for emergency response planning.


In large scale mining operations the hazards and risks associated with mineral processing require a level of process safety engineering support consistent with that in an oil and gas production facility.

We support our clients with facilitation and management of PHA studies, development of fire and gas and fire projection systems, storage and secondary containment arrangements, and safety shutdown systems and controls. Through qualitative and quantitative assessment, we assess the consequences of hazards, and help with the troubleshooting of process safety related deficiencies.