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Operational Risk Optimization

With a strong operations background, we have a solid understanding of process safety methods to assess and evaluate hazards and risks, as well as consideration of the practical implications for the implementation, management, and maintenance of risk reduction measures.

Prosaris ensures that the risk reduction measures proposed in our hazard analysis and risk assessment activities are meaningful, achievable, and an efficient use of our clients’ resources. We support our clients during the evaluation and implementation phase through focused ALARP studies, sensitivity assessment, and cost-benefit analysis.

ALARP Assessment and Sensitivity Studies

Completed numerous ALARP and sensitivity studies for our clients, including:

  • ALARP studies as part of the design process.
  • ALARP sensitivity assessments during construction, installation and commissioning phases when changes require revalidation of risk reduction measures.
  • ALARP sensitivity assessments in support of operational MOC.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Detailed cost benefit analysis supports the implementation of cost effective, efficient solutions to process safety hazards and risks. We have developed comprehensive cost benefit analysis in support of ALARP studies, whilst remaining mindful of our clients’ operational requirements.

Reliability and Availability Studies

  • Event tree studies for unit recurring failures and evaluation of system upgrades and changes.

Pre-Start-up Safety Reviews (PSSR)

  • Development of effective PSSR programs.
  • Management of risk based PSSR programs, supported in the PSSR site assessments and develop and manage the PSSR checklist to guide the PSSR facility activities and action management.