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Process Safety Management

The implementation of a robust Process Safety Management (PSM) system is fundamental to reducing major accident events, improving process safety, reducing downtime, and minimizing loss (both personal and financial).

Prosaris is committed to developing, managing, and supporting the implementation and sustained development of robust PSM programs. Our team’s PSM specific knowledge, operations experience, and exposure to all phases and sides of the industry positions us well to understand what is important to all participants in the program and how to elicit support from all contributors.

We develop customized tools that ease the process of recording, reporting, and analyzing PSM data. We support our clients evaluation of data, development of strategies to identify barrier weaknesses or deficiencies, and support the continued development of the program to maintain and improve facility and business process safety performance.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Program

Extensive experience in guiding our clients through the process of developing a complete and effective Process Safety Management (PSM) program by:

  • Developing the PSM program approach.
  • Defining the objectives, phases, and commitments required from clients.
  • Facilitating and managing the workshop sessions required to develop facility and business specific performance indicators (including an assessment of effort and value).
  • Establishing industry compliant tolerances, business tolerances, and site specific tolerances and objectives for leading and lagging indicators.
  • Developing and providing PSM training and awareness programs for personnel supporting the process.
  • Developing tools to help with process safety observations and efficient recording of data.
  • Analyzing data and supporting the development of strategies and programs to address barrier weaknesses.
  • Ongoing support to clients in the continuous development of the PSM program process.