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Technical Process Safety

Prosaris provides our clients with the technical expertise to meet their process safety engineering needs. We develop detailed design deliverables, ensure purchased and installed compliance with design basis, and manage process safety related change through the operating life of a facility.

Our experienced team has worked on both large and small projects including onshore and offshore facilities in locations around the world. We partner with EPC teams during concept, FEED, and detailed engineering project phases, as well as contractor and client teams during installation, commissioning, and op’s readiness phases of projects.

We have supported both contractors and operators with their technical process safety requirements through operations, SIMOPS campaigns, facility optimization projects, and decommissioning evaluation. We have the experience and technical capacity to support both operators and EPC contractors requiring guidance and solutions for complex or demanding process safety and hazard related concerns.

Process Safety Engineering Support

  • Support the development and review of process safety and risk management technical design documentation through:
    • Operational MOC.
    • Safety hazard assessments and code compliance.
    • Fire and gas detection including hazard driven design development, layout evaluation, and innovative solutions.
    • Fire protection systems including hazard and value focused system design, trouble shooting, and problem solving.
    • Development of hazard area classification design and layouts.
    • Hazardous equipment and inventory management including development of storage and secondary containment systems.
    • Pressure relief and depressurization system design.
    • P&ID and instrumented control and safety systems.
  • Experienced with complex and challenging process safety problems during operating phases where project designed arrangements require review and revalidation to account for risks developed through the early phase of operating a new facility.

Hazard Evaluation and Assessment

Extensive experience in the facilitation and management of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) techniques and assessing/applying the most appropriate technique for the situation.

Facility and Building Siting Studies

  • Support facility siting considerations in early project concept evaluation phases through to operating facility modifications and regulatory change.
  • Our experience in the modelling of hazard consequences and risks allows us to support optimization of facility process equipment and building locations against performance based standards and support our clients with justifiable and defendable deviation requests for prescriptive standard set back distances.
  • Safe and compliant positioning of temporary construction buildings with technical support for clients during discussions with local communities where well defined, accurate, and quantifiable hazards must be presented in a sensitive manner.

Safety Case

  • Experienced in the development of HSE/Safety Case and project and operations Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards.
  • Experienced in the verification (both design and facility inspections) of design and operations safety critical elements and performance standards.

SIL Assessment, Validation and Verification

  • TUV certified Functional Safety Engineers.
  • Extensive experience and exposure to all project phases means we have an excellent appreciation of SIS safety management requirements and critical aspects through the complete SIS lifecycle.
  • Validation and verification support for challenging operational reliability concerns, providing solutions that satisfy the client, certifying authority and regulator, and coordinating activities between the design team and production personnel.

Regulatory and Code Compliance

  • Significant value to operator engineering/project teams when ensuring code compliance. We are meticulous when it comes to understanding code requirements pertaining to process safety and risk management.
  • Identifying critical code requirements at an early stage where a client may have challenges with compliance for their project. Our experience and technical knowledge allows us to provide solutions to raised concerns with defendable justification.

Site Inspections

Experienced working on offshore and onshore facilities in project, construction, commissioning, SIMOPS, and operational environments. We understand and respect that time is valuable for site personnel and conduct our inspections efficiently, where and when our clients need us.