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Recording, evaluation, reporting, and analysis of process safety barrier failures

Product Details

The oil, gas, and petrochemical industry is committed to addressing barrier weaknesses. There are however challenges experienced by operators with the identification, recording, reporting, and use of process safety information. Identifying, understanding, and resolving barrier deficiencies is a fundamental goal of safe and cost effective operations.

Prosaris has developed a solution to these challenges which makes LOPC event recording faster and easier, improves accuracy of event assessment, satisfies industry and regulatory requirements, and uses data to support event frequency reduction and efficient and effective action.

The Prosaris Solution

Our LOPC Quantification Tool provides operators with the knowledge needed to identify, understand, and effectively address weakening process safety barriers.

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Site event recording

Mobile devices allow for simple, consistent, and complete event recording. Secure cloud transfer ensures user and company data is controlled and protected. LOPC event mobile tools support the user in quantifying leaks, seeps and weeps accurately and efficiently.

Event evaluation

The LOPC tool simplifies the evaluation process. Industry standard approach to LOPC event evaluation and reporting are integrated into the tool. Facility mixtures are pre-populated within the tool management modules and the user can choose from pure components or facility specific streams with the tool, completing the rest of the evaluation from the verified digital site record of the process safety event. Additional process safety event tools support evaluation of more complex LOPC events and as evaluation is based from accurate digital records from the facility, the output is consistent and complete LOPC event evaluation which supports intelligent analysis.

Analysis and reporting

Data gathered at the facility recording of the event and during event evaluation is analysed to identify critical aspects, causal factors, and trends which can support the identification of barrier deficiencies. Advanced analytics will support predictive solutions and efficient action which can be monitored through the implementation phase to assess the relative return realized. Accurate and complete data will support statistical testing of industry benchmarking. Customizable dashboards will be available for all user and management levels.
All information is protected through secure data transfer, and report formats comply with both industry and regulator requirements.

“Having the right tools can ensure the protection of lives, revenue, reputation, and the environment.”

Colin Sewell Managing Director

The Prosaris Advantage


Predictive analytics in support of effective prevention, improved process safety culture – awareness and knowledge

Cost Effective

Optimized process safety initiatives, production cost improvements, demonstrated ROI


Time savings, focused barrier improvement initiatives


Complete, consistent and reliable data, data loss and errors eliminated


Valuable data management and utilization, industry and regulatory compliant reporting

Better tools. Better Process. Better Solutions.

Results driven
  • Mobile devices replace cards
  • Tool completes all evaluation steps with enhanced functions
  • Reports are compliant with industry and regulatory requirements
  • Dashboards are customizable for all user and management levels
  • Reliable process safety analytics and predictive solutions
  • Secure and accurate reporting

Want to find out more? View our product details.